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By | February 23, 2018

As you have remarked, has been working hard to become GDPR compliant and to help you to become GDPR compliant as well. Part of being compliant is having terms&conditions written in a human language that anyone can understand as well as having a privacy policy where you state how you plan to deal with client’s personal data. This should NOT be legal mumble jumble that the normal person does not understand, but written in clear consize format that anyone can read and understand.

If you have not done so already, you need to go to Custom features section, find the Terms&Conditions feature (it is free) and create your own terms and conditions along with your privacy policy. You can put this all in the same file. Here below are some things you should consider to include in your T&C file.

For Terms & Conditions

  1. — Who is allowed to book your service, is there age limit
  2. — How you expect payment to be performed
  3. — What happens if client does not show up, is there refund or not
  4. — What client can expect from your service
  5. — What client can not expect from your service
  6. — Where are you based
  7. — Is client expected to show up earlier than planned service time
  8. — What is your policy concerning product sales, returns, exchanges etc.
  9. — If minors book services or buy products, how do you handle these cases

For Privacy Policy

  1. — How do you handle client’s / patients data
  2. — How long do you store the data
  3. — Why do you store it
  4. — Do you allow anyone else to access it
  5. — What kind of access are others allowed to client’s data
    • For ads
    • For some analysing
    • Etc.
  6. — Inform them, they can request deletion, update and access to all personal data you keep about them
  7. — How will you be treating deletion and update requests
  8. — What are you doing to protect client data (use double authentication, auto deletion of data after predefined time, auto screen lock etc.)
  9. — What kind of communication can the client expect to come to him because he is registered with you.
  10. — Will you use the promotion system or only general notifications concerning appointments
  11. — Will clients be asked for feedback concerning your services.
  12. — What systems are you using to store their data, here you should for example mention system, with link to our Privacy policy
  13. — Who are the personal data protection authorities to contact in your country, if the client has concerns about his data
  14. — How and how quickly will you inform users in case there is break in into your system

IMPORTANT. There may be other things that are necessary to include in your Terms & Condition and Privacy policy. Please get a proper legal opinion what is the right thing for you to include. The above bullet points are just suggestions and can not be considered legal advice.

The GDPR regulations have been created to inform people about their rights, let them know about how their data is treated, and give them the right to control their own personal data wherever it is based. We can all celebrate these new regulations that in the end will benefit us all, although while making things compliant as a business it may seem a bit tedious. provides you with a system that helps you to fulfill the GDPR requirements. Read more about it here:

See our new Terms&Conditions and Privacy policy here:

We will, as always, continue to try to assist you to take your business to the next level!

All the best,

Ingi and the team at

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