Closing days for the holidays

By | December 13, 2012

You can set break times or set a day as day off in the Company – Opening hours settings

Soon there is Christmas and you may need to take some days off. In the general Company – Opening hours function you have defined your week but you need special days as well for the holidays. What you do is that to go in to the Company – Opening hours settings. Below the Work week setting you can find a calendar and if you use the arrows, you can go between years. By clicking on a certain day in the calendar, it opens and you can either mark it as “Is day off” or you can create a break time during the day, if you are only working a part of the day.

If there is several providers and they don’t take the same vacation days, you just go to the service providers list, click on the clock, and there you can do individual vacation day settings for each of them.



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