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By | June 10, 2014

We are sad to hear that Mark the owner of has died and we sincerely wish it was not under these circumstances that we were receiving so many new users to our solution.

It seems that Mark was alone running his company so apparently the fate of all the data and the up time of system relied on him alone. It is of course very strange how the system servers seem to have gone down almost at the same time as he dies. In fact there is no logical explanation of this because even if someone dies, the servers should not stop running immediately. A hosting partner would stop the servers if they were unpaid for a while, but that seems unlikely to be the case here. We will, like the rest of you, wait for further explanations how this could have happened. is a safe alternative to We are profitable, we have no debt, we have good backup protocols in place. There are 4 employees with server access so even if one of those employees got into trouble accessing the servers, there would be others that could take care to maintain them and keeping them up and running. Our servers are also physically in a safe place, with high security protocols for physical access. We do our best to keep the system up and running safely for our users at all times.

Feedback from user:
“We had been using Clickbook for years, and now have to switch. While it has been quite challenging, your site is FAR superior – and everyone has been really nice and helpful.”

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    1. admin Post author

      True, unfortunately it is impossible to have thousands of clients rely on the life and health of one person.


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