About Spammers and Scammers

By | July 17, 2017

Some competitors go low in efforts to gain business.

A desperate competitor is spamming our user as they are unable to generate referrals and business on their own. This specific business is known for creating fake profiles to make reviews for themselves, they claim a number of users that they are nowhere near having and who knows what other lies come from them.

There are hundreds of solutions making scheduling software, but this competitor seems unable to build business on own merits so they spam users of other systems. Will this competitor still be alive in 6 months is a question worth while asking but meanwhile, you can mark their email as spam as you can not trust your data with such scammers/spammers.

What would you think of competitors that started calling your clients, telling them how bad you are and how great they are while you knew they are just scammers that can’t be trusted?

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