NEW client app for iOS

By | January 9, 2015

Clients can simply book appointments with service providers using the app

We have just now launched a new mobile iOS app for the clients of our users (Companies and service providors). The clients can easily select their favorite providers into a list where they can quickly make bookings, and see a list of all upcoming and past appointments. The clients can also cancel appintments from the same app. We will now present the app only from our main page, but soon we will present it directly to clients who are making bookings from user’s website as this will make it much better experience for them to make their bookings. We also have some other great plans for this app but for now it is only iOS (iPhone and iPad) but expect and Android in the next few weeks.

The simpler it is to make bookings for your clients the more bookings you can expect !

To try our app, simply search for SimplyBook in app store and install the app. You may need to show iPhone apps if you have iPad but it works equally well. – [Updated 24/10/2018 – all interfaces are now fully mobile responsive so we have decided to stop offering apps as everything can be done via web browser on all devices]

2 thoughts on “NEW client app for iOS

  1. Ab

    Hi, i have just tested this by booking an appointment on the app to see how my clients would experience that. Looks ok however , the issue is I don’t get notified nor the client gets an email confirmation that they have booked. Plus they can’t pay like through the WordPress plugin. Please confirm. Thank you.

  2. Greg


    I see no one replied to the above comment. Can you please confirm if there is a way to edit payment options via the app to be the same as the web version?



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