Collect down payments when accepting online bookings

By | October 19, 2013

We often get a question about how users can collect down payments for services, but meanwhile they also want to show the full price.

Fortunately this relatively easy !

Just go to Settings // Custom translation and find the word “Price”, change it to “Down payment”, then go to plugins, activate payment plugin and set it up.

Goto Manage // Services, edit each service or create new ones and set the price field with the payment amount that you want paid as down payment. Then go to Service description and set the full amount that client will pay once he arrives on place.

3 thoughts on “Collect down payments when accepting online bookings

  1. Alexandra

    Yep, it’s that easy, ….that’s how we do it with our clients, to make sure that they are not just “playing around” when making their appointments! It’s a great way to fill our chairs – not just the appointment book!!!

    Great job, guys!!

  2. brittany

    Hi, I am new to simplybook and so far it has been awesome! I run bootcamps, one on one trainings, and group fitness programs. I am wondering how best to set up these appointments when I need them to be certain time slots of certain days, up to 15 people in each session. From what I was reading about the group plug in it seems to try and take payment as a total for the group? I would like my clients to pay for just their session cost, but I need It to allow multple bookings on certain days? Help!

    1. admin Post author

      The main thing is to set each class as separate performer and then services as sessions. Each performer has opening hours as per the relevant class and can accept as many clients as is needed per class.

      Multiple bookings is used so that client can pick several classes at same time before check-out.

      Group bookings is for so that one client can book for many others but this plugin can not be used with Multiple bookings.

      Recurring services can be used to create packs that allow clients to book several classes on predefined days and at the time that client selects.


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