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The content management and website builder; has added as appointment scheduling calendar plugin for their users. compliments for users that want to have more content creativity and flexibility than the standard booking website templates offered by They offer more flexibility in adding informational pages, more flexibility with design and then users that… Read More »

Booking software for escape rooms! has now made some changes to better accomodate for various business categories and there amongst are Escape rooms. When a new booking system is  created, users define their business category. This now not only helps to better understand the users, and allocates the new business in the correct BookingTroll category but it also helps to… Read More »

Boost your clientele and make more money

Increase your clientele in a simple way, get them to schedule more appointments, and refer their friends to become your clients. In short, make more money! It is so often that companies and service providers forget themselves in their daily routine and don’t think too much about getting new clients and getting their own clients to… Read More »